The title says it all

Day 1: P90X3

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Ok kiddos. This is serious: there was laughter (them), tears (me, more on that in a minute, it’s funny…NOW), and lots of sweat (all of us – “Us” being the people on the screen and myself).


“Get Ripped In 30 Minutes A Day” huh? Yeah, actually I have no doubt that will happen if I stick to this for 90 days. It was TOUGH! Now, I may have set myself up for a bit of failure today as I went on a 4.5 mile walk on the beach yesterday followed by a 2.6 mile hike.  My legs were just a bit fatigued at 6:45am… But I got through it.

As I just stated, I got up at 6:45, so I started with the Cold Start segment to warm my body up and stretch out my achy legs. That was a smart move – I do recommend the 12mins if you have the extra time (isn’t that why we’re doing the X3? Because it’s 30 min and we’re busy busy busy?).

Onto Total Synergistics:

Now, I had watched the Accelerate video last night so I would be a little mentally prepared for this and that was my first exposure to Tony Horton. He seemed energetic and all, I just assumed he was trying to get me (yes, me, and me alone) pumped up for what I had committed to. Ha, but he is an enthusiastic dude for sure! And a bit nerdy, which works for me because I am as well. Seriously, look at him in that picture up there and tell me he’s not both of those things. Definitely CUT too, and disciplined, and inspirational – but energetic and nerdy are two of my top descriptors for him in these videos, ha. And that’s an excellent thing because boring and lackluster do not a good instructor make!

Oo ee…so onto the tears thing I mentioned. This is embarrassing, ha. I have ordered a pull up bar but it hasn’t arrived yet so I just figured I’d modify with resistance bands until then. Well….whatever I was doing was not correct and the band came loose and smacked me rrrright in the face. Ow, I had to pause the dvd to make sure I could still see out of my right eye and that I didn’t have a huge red line across my face hahahaha. Just what I wanted after two weeks out of the office…going back in with a self inflicted facial wound. Ahhhh, but I was fine and continued on.

So the good thing about my performance today is that there’s no where to go but up. I would say the toughest moves for me were the Flying Warrior and the Warrior Squat Moon. And of course the ones involving pull ups….

Moral of the story: Secure your resistance bands, friends.


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