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P90X3 Week 2: Mid-Week Check in

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Thought I’d given up, huh? Nope, not me – I’ve figured out how to stick to short term sacrifices in order to get where I want to be fitness-wise: By being very vocal about what I’m doing! I’m posting daily on my fb Coach page (, sharing with friends and co-workers, and telling my roommate to yell at me if I’m just slothing it up on the couch when I could be doing something productive!

This week has been both easier and more difficult – my legs and core are not feeling as exhausted but I did finally receive my pull up bar from Amazon so my arms and back are getting more focus. Oh, and the bar is actually a tower because I don’t trust my old apartment building’s door frames. It’s quite tall, luckily I have high ceilings – As my roommate so perfectly said: “I’ve always wanted a sky scraper in the living room!” Ha, I promise I’ll move it come April (and hide it in my room when we have friends over).

But I’m down 4 pounds since January 1st, so that’s super encouraging and motivating – I think the combination of daily Shakeology, P90X3, and Dry/Gluten Free/Vegan month is really working 🙂 I’m feeling fantastic and a few people have complimented that I have a “glow!” I’ll take it and keep pushing!



Author: fitmooney

Enjoying the pursuit of health and happiness. Trying to feed my wanderlust while maintaining a job ;)

One thought on “P90X3 Week 2: Mid-Week Check in

  1. amazing results – that’s fantastic

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