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Day 15 already, wow! And the Dynamix review

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Well I did something to my arm…I was so excited and feeling so tough that even though my arms requested to stop doing pull ups, I just kept on keepin’ on. And boy was that dumb.

So that was Thursday – and Friday morning I awoke at 4am because I stretched out my arms. OW! I promptly got up and took some ibuprofen to help my tender, overworked, and ANGRY biceps. I managed to fall back asleep but spent all day trying not to fully extend my arms, especially my left. Saturday was thankfully better – I had invited a couple of friends over to sample my tasty Shakeology and do Hip Hop Abs Cardio (which is not just a fun workout but also HILARIOUS and I recommend doing it with your friends, Dawg) and didn’t have to cancel. And then, since I was feeling a bit better but not nearly 100% and had decided to skip CVX the day before because I didn’t want to make any quick movements, I decided to not do The Warrior but make up CVX. Which worked out well, I was only using a 4 lb weight so my arms were ok and I think it helped loosen up the muscles a bit.

Unfortunately I noticed a little swelling in my left bicep later in the day and then yesterday….ha, well the pain was totally gone! But both my left bicep and forearm had swollen 3/4 of an inch larger than my right arm. My left arm felt solid, and my elbow had puffed out as well. So I iced and elevated and it’s a marginally better today. Actually today there’s just a mass of  ..fluid moving around my forearm. Fun fun.

It’s really not bothering me much, I’m just going to lay off pull ups and pushups this week, maybe do some light arm exercises with my resistance bands but nothing strenuous. (and obviously if it’s still wonky in a few days I’ll go to my doc!)

So, I finally did do Dynamix! And I’m happy I had skipped it last Sunday. Not that it’s difficult, I was just so beat by the end of the first week that I’m glad I took the day off. It’s leg lifts and stretching and would be an excellent 30 minute warm up or cool down. It moves quickly and is light on your upper body, but definitely will help with flexibility and balance.

With that said, in the future weeks I’m going to add it onto another day and leave one day for rest (as I did this week, it just happened to be Friday instead of Sunday!). This is absolutely a routine I’ll keep doing well after my 90 days is up.

Ok I’ll leave you with a random thought and photo: Even though I rather enjoy this warm winter here in SoCal, I hope we get rain soon to stop the outbreak of wildfires before they cause devastating damage. Plus it’s quake-weather and I just had a lovely photo framed and hung above my couch that I don’t want to have to repair.




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