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Confession time plus a delayed WIAW.

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Hey there hi there ho there, welcome to Confessions from Your Friendly Blogger! I have not been staying on point – February’s resolutions were forgotten nearly immediately after February began… I have not been doing my two miles before my P90X3 workouts (though at least I still have been doing those!!), and while I haven’t been drinking a lot – this weekend I was on mini vacation in Florida with my parents, sis, and bro-in-law and I definitely had more than my 2 daily max…and lastly, well, actually I have been sticking to the vegan/gluten-free at home so at least there’s that 😉

Oh, speaking of gluten-free – I WASN’T in Florida and my skin broke out in a rash as a result…I had forgotten about that pesky development that started this last year…


Gross, huh? That was at the airport Monday morning – my sister is gluten free so she had the options available for me but I thought: “HEY I’M ON VACATION LET’S GET CRAZY!” So I had crab fritters, bread with my gluten free pasta (haha), and sandwiches with delicious hoagie rolls. After the fritters Friday I started to break out a little, and by Sunday evening my hands and arms were covered in an insanely itchy rash.

So, back to clean eating and no gluten for me. Obviously it’s more than just my digestive system that doesn’t like it.

But it’s only the 13th, I can turn it around – I’m recommitting to my resolutions!

So onto What I Ate Wednesday –

I’m just going to focus on dinner, because breakfast was tasty Shakeology and lunch was 2 soft shell veggie tacos (peppers, onion, lettuce, pico, guacamole, and I had black beans added on corn tortillas) from yummy Tacos Por Favor in Santa Monica but DINNER my friends!? Dinner was fantastically delicious raw vegan food that my aunt whipped up for us. She’s a raw vegan chef and I am lucky to be a taster for her sometimes 😉

Here are a few pics of the treats she made last night (these are on my insta account, as well as previous meals @fitmooney – or if you want to go straight to the source my aunt’s insta account is @kellieannskitchen)

We started with Tropical Fiesta on a Raft (yes, I’m a nerd – it’s my name twist on ants on a log….)


Cucumber ribboned with a mandolin, topped with carrot and sunflower seed pate, an avocado/cilantro/chickpea/jalapeno puree, and mango salsa. I think…there are many elements there I don’t remember or am purposefully holding back (it’s the former). This tasted as vibrant as it looked. So many spicy and sweet flavors, yum!

Then we went to the entree! Open faced:


And ready to devour:


Yum doesn’t begin to cover it – more carrot and sunflower seed pate with cucumber, mango salsa, apple, greens, and avocado all in between mango bread. Mango bread!? OMG it was so good I honestly don’t know what to tell you about it other than I had fully chowed mine down before Kellie even finished assembling her own!!

If you live in the Los Angeles area and are wanting to go raw vegan but aren’t sure how to start check my aunt out – – she provides lunch, dinner, and a snack daily PLUS will give you and your friends a tutorial if you’d like to learn how to make your favorites. Check her out on instagram: KellieAnnsKitchen

Ok, well I’d better get some work done so I’ll leave you with a random thought: I’ve been signing up for hilariously themed 5ks and they are starting soon, I’m so excited. I did the Color Me Rad run last summer and this spring have Bad Prom and Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge to look forward to – can’t wait!


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Enjoying the pursuit of health and happiness. Trying to feed my wanderlust while maintaining a job ;)

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