The title says it all

A Cockeyed Optimist

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I’m so torn. Every bit of me tends to be happy and positive, but right now…right now I am sitting here with one less tooth and it’s really wigging me out. A foreign object in a veggie dumpling cracked my crown last night. I had a fitting today and a temp cap put on and then tried to eat dinner (peas….it was PEAS…) several hours later and it fell right off….Ha. Kind of comical, but such a pain in the ass. Plus the manager of the restaurant hasn’t returned my call today…and he inferred they’d pay for said crown because gyozas are supposed to be soft, y’all! 

Oh well….I’ll stop complaining and leave you with one positive statement and one random story. 

Positive statement: The man who whittled my temp molar cap like it was something I wear in the center of my forehead was lovely to chat with.

Random story: “A Cockeyed Optimist” is a song from South Pacific which is a musical I was in when I was 16. And that’s when I met one of my very favorite people, the birthday girl from last week! We were both nurses in the cast 🙂 She is also the fortunate person who got to hear my tooth crack…



Author: fitmooney

Enjoying the pursuit of health and happiness. Trying to feed my wanderlust while maintaining a job ;)

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