The title says it all

Yesterday was Thursday, Today is Friday

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Haha, Rebecca Black you are the worst. Or am I for using her vapid lyrics as my title? …Yep, I win. 

(this post has been provided by a strange caffeine high that just hit even though I’ve been sipping slowly on this one mug of black coffee for 2 hours…)


TGIFF, amirite? (that extra F stands for Fitness or Flex…I prefer Fitness because my Flex is still a little pathetic)

This morning I did the Santa Monica stairs….pushed myself one past Jelly Legs and then came home and did my 50 squats for the day (thank you @squatsforall for the challenge on instagram) and now my legs are asking why I hate them so much. But I don’t hate them, I just want them to look better, you know? Can you tell them that for me, because they don’t believe me… 
I have P90X3 Triometrics after work tonight because I MEANT to get up at 6 and head to the stairs but it was more like 6:45 so I decided to break it up, also giving me a reason to say NO to happy hour at the happiest place on Earth, Enterprise Fish Co. Where everybody knows my name.



Author: fitmooney

Enjoying the pursuit of health and happiness. Trying to feed my wanderlust while maintaining a job ;)

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