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Fitness with a Twist

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I have been kicking my ass into shape lately – and it’s been working, I’ve noticed changes in my body: I’ve lost weight, my arms, abs, and legs are more defined, and the squats and dead lifts have lifted and tightened my glutes and hamstrings. I’m nearly hitting my goals! Wahoo, right?? Yeah…wait for it…

But first — Here’s my schedule this last month, all toning routines are from Tone It Up:

Monday 6am spin class followed by abs and arms routines

Tuesday 3 mile morning run followed by a total body toning

Wednesday 3 mile hilly morning run followed by yoga

Thursday 6:30am spin class then shoulders, arms and abs

Friday 30 min walk then legs

Saturday alternated between a 1:45min spin class and 4 mile runs + 60 min of yoga

Sunday rest


I also have been participating in a daily squat challenge, have been eating mostly vegan (I think there were 2 or 3 non vegan meals this last month – still vegetarian, but I had cheese), haven’t had much alcohol, and have been drinking vegan chocolate or tropical strawberry Shakeology daily.


I feel AWESOME and STRONG! Well, felt awesome and strong.



Good question, Cat!

I recently got a kettle bell! Which I love! And how has it repaid me for my purchase, usage, and love? And old surgery scar has herniated. I had laparoscopy almost exactly 4 years ago, I thought the incisions healed quite nicely – have never had a problem. Until two weeks ago… I noticed some strangeness from my belly button. I’ll save you the description but it didn’t look super weird, it just had stuff coming out of it….ick. So, after waiting a week for it to heal itself -I don’t like to take antibiotics if I can avoid it- I went to the doc and I have an incisionsal hernia. Wah wah wahhhhh. No more lifting for me for awhile, and I need to take it easy all together til I get this taken care of. I meet with a surgeon next Thursday and then we’ll see. 

So this is how I’ll be tweaking my workouts until surgery – spin twice a week, walks as often as I want, leg lifts, and minimal arms – like light-weight seated curls, arm circles… I should just go ahead and order this, huh? TV Gym 


Hahahaha, I love that – my best friend is the chick in the grey shirt, she’s also in the video. 

Oh well, shit happens. It seems like it’ll be another laparoscopic surgery so it’ll be minimally invasive, I can get back to light exercise 1-2 weeks afterward and normal exercise 2 weeks after that. 

I’m thinking of trying out raw veganism while I’m on the mend – might as well entertain myself with new recipes since I can’t push myself physically. Not THE DAY after surgery because I’m going to just want to eat whatever I don’t have to work for, ha. Like if someone wants to bring me The Basic from Real Food Daily that’d be great 😉


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