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TGIF TGIF TGIF! And a chat about surgery…

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Happy Friday to you! 

Have you ever had surgery? I had one four years ago, it was “emergency” surgery and I was freaked OUT. I’ve given blood a handful of times but still hate needles and having tubes coming out of me just drove me bonkers. I was less nervous about going under and the procedure than I was about the needle bouncing around in my hand. Also didn’t help that the nurse missed my vein the first time and the fluid inflated my hand, ha. 

But yesterday I consulted with a surgeon referred to me by my general practitioner and he was funny but matter of fact, I didn’t feel like he was pushing me one way or another, and his office actually recommended a less expensive route for me. Which I really appreciate because my deductible is very high and I haven’t touched any of it. He explained I don’t have a hernia – it’s one of two other things, and while I still need a laparoscopic surgery to fix either – I can skip the CAT scan if I’d like to save a step. Loved that. I don’t need to spend more money on something to tell the guy to cut me open when he’s going to have to do that regardless. 


I feel like the more shit that happens to me the less stressed I get about the next. First broken bone – terrified (granted I was 4 or 5 ha), Second – eh. First sprained ankle -FUCK! Second (3rd, 4th, 5th) – it’s cool, grab me an ice pack! Another laparoscopy? Sure, let’s do it! 

Well, you know, until they come at me with those needles…




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