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Honey Moon on Friday the 13th. aka: best night ever

I’m strangely excited to see this Honey, or Strawberry, Moon. I’m not expecting it to be life changing or anything but I bet it’ll look like this, exactly:


The bank looks a little different than my local beach but I’m expecting owls, dolphins, scarecrows, cats, and couples to show themselves. Santa Monica beach is gonna be crazy. It is a full moon on Friday the 13th after all 😉

Moving on — I’m excited to do a Suja Juice cleanse this weekend! They were supposed to deliver to my work today but shipped to my billing address/home instead and that’s a little disappointing because no one will be there until 6 or so. So they’ve been just sitting outside my door since 10am, tempting people to take them. Delicious juices, no one can deny you. 

Thankfully they have the best customer service and they’re sending me another shipment tomorrow. 

I’ll let you know how it goes – I’m looking forward to a little cleanse before I head to the Beachbody Summit on Thursday! I love to try new things, and if you put your products on sale I’m very likely to take advantage 🙂



Ok and this last one I found while searching for “It was on sale” memes and it’s too funny not to post….



Also on sale was Les Mills Combat during the Beachbody Summer Sale last weekend — definitely got that and I’ll be starting the program on Monday June 23rd. Very pumped for that too!

Have a great weekend and I hope you get to enjoy the Honey Moon tonight



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Thankful Friday!

Ok, so instead of a TGIF post I’m going to post something I’m Thankful for – Or somethingS, I never know how my mind may wander.

Today I’d like to thank Groupon for introducing me to new workouts/gyms/etc! I’ve been going to Kinetic Cycling for about 2 months and was first introduced to the place by a “5 classes for $25” deal back in March.



I love getting up early (I usually hit the 6:00am class) and spinning my ass off and then feeling energized the rest of the day. The instructors at Kinetic are so good at keeping us motivated and distracted from their vigorous workout by engaging with us and playing dance-party music. Ha, I nearly feel like I kick off my day with a rave three times a week.


I’ve gotten so into it that I completely forgot that I ALSO have Groupons for 5 Pop Physique and 10 Cardio Barre classes! But I am definitely someone who gets bored by the same old workout so I know I’ll be trying those out before they expire at the end of July and August 🙂

Have you checked out Groupon to see if there’s anything by you?


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Thursday already? Let’s get weird.

3rd installment of Thinking Out Loud, the brainchild of the blog Running With Spoons. If you haven’t read Amanda’s blog, you should – it’s one of my favorites, her journey is inspiring and she’s funny. That’s really all it takes to make me happy. Inspire me and make me laugh 😉 But she also has great recipes and good advice, those things also make me happy!

Onto the random:

1) Something I find annoying about doctor’s offices: If you don’t cancel 24hrs before your appointment they’ll charge you a fee ($50 is what I’ve been told by a couple). BUT if they say “I’ll call you with your results on Monday” and you NEVER HEAR FROM THEM AGAIN, it’s cool. Also cool, “I’ll call you tomorrow or Monday to schedule your surgery” and then, when you haven’t heard anything by Tuesday and so you reach out to inquire and they say, “Oh sorry about that, let me check and I’ll call you later today” and then you still haven’t heard back from them by Thursday at, let’s say,RIGHT NOW, it’s still ok. I feel like they should discount my surgery $50. Because that amount will make a dent…

2) I’m heading downtown for dinner on Saturday and I’m excited. I know I don’t live THAT FAR but, with so many options available here, living in Los Angeles can get you stuck in your own neighborhood. I work in Santa Monica so I’ll usually just go out from the office and I live in Brentwood so I don’t often make it out of the Westside unless there’s a specific event. Sad, huh? This “specific event” is that a friend from North Carolina just moved to town so my roommate and I are going to meet him for dinner at Industriel and then may wander to Seven Grand Whiskey Bar  because I love that place AND he lives right across the street.

Los Angeles Neighborhoods


3) Where do you want to travel to next? I am itching for a road trip. I have wanderlust like a gypsy, it’s bonkers. I am heading to Vegas, Oxnard, Iowa, Vegas again, and Ft Lauderdale in the next few months but I want to go somewhere NEWWWWW. I want to go hike some crazy gorgeous canyon in AZ or head up and camp out in a forest in the Pacific Northwest. I really would love to travel abroad but I don’t have the funds for it right now so I’m just looking at easy-to-get-to places right now.



And here are some random facts. Today’s will be food facts:

1) Ripe cranberries will bounce like rubber balls. Oh I am definitely going to try this.

2) Oklahoma’s state vegetable is the watermelon. I feel like we just got served two facts there…Watermelon is a vegetable? Huh, seems it’s both a fruit AND a vegetable!

3) There is an amusement park in Tokyo that offers raw horse flesh-flavored ice cream. Oh my. That is disgusting! But I also want to talk to someone who has eaten it…. “WHY would you order that? WTF does it taste like????? Did horses haunt your dreams the weeks following?”

Emo Horse




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June Gloom


Happy June 2nd – it’s actually not overcast here in SoCal at the moment so that’s lovely. The only gloomy thing is my bank account. A few weeks ago I was joking with my chiropractor that I needed to have surgery so I could hit my deductible and get 55% of my costs covered and we laughed! I’m not saying we manifested that but…now I’m having surgery. And my car broke down last night. Remember when I said my mechanic didn’t hear the rattling noise it was occasionally making? Well, the battery and engine lights don’t need to be heard. Nor does the lack of power steering or acceleration…

I feel like the beginning of a country song.

I’ll be ok, that’s why I have a savings account.

Anyway: It’s a new month and that means I have new goals! My May goals were very nearly met so I need to keep pushing myself 🙂

I started this 30 day squat challenge again today


and I’m doing a 30 for 30 sit-up challenge. 30 sit-ups every day for 30 days. Easy peasy!

That’s in addition to my continuing half (to full!) marathon training 🙂 I’d also like to read a book a week and start playing my uke again. It’s just sitting in the corner, gathering dust and glaring at me.

I hope you’re having an excellent Monday.



What are your goals for June? Are they work, fitness, leisure, love related?