The title says it all

Honey Moon on Friday the 13th. aka: best night ever

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I’m strangely excited to see this Honey, or Strawberry, Moon. I’m not expecting it to be life changing or anything but I bet it’ll look like this, exactly:


The bank looks a little different than my local beach but I’m expecting owls, dolphins, scarecrows, cats, and couples to show themselves. Santa Monica beach is gonna be crazy. It is a full moon on Friday the 13th after all ๐Ÿ˜‰

Moving on — I’m excited to do a Suja Juice cleanse this weekend! They were supposed to deliver to my work today but shipped to my billing address/home instead and that’s a little disappointing because no one will be there until 6 or so. So they’ve been just sitting outside my door since 10am, tempting people to take them. Delicious juices, no one can deny you.ย 

Thankfully they have the best customer service and they’re sending me another shipment tomorrow.ย 

I’ll let you know how it goes – I’m looking forward to a little cleanse before I head to the Beachbody Summit on Thursday! I love to try new things, and if you put your products on sale I’m very likely to take advantage ๐Ÿ™‚



Ok and this last one I found while searching for “It was on sale” memes and it’s too funny not to postโ€ฆ.



Also on sale was Les Mills Combat during the Beachbody Summer Sale last weekend — definitely got that and I’ll be starting the program on Monday June 23rd. Very pumped for that too!

Have a great weekend and I hope you get to enjoy the Honey Moon tonight



Author: fitmooney

Enjoying the pursuit of health and happiness. Trying to feed my wanderlust while maintaining a job ;)

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