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My IG account has changed a little recently — it’s always been focused on me getting and staying healthy – food, workouts, motivations, etc. But the past couple of weeks I have been focusing more on “tips.”

Make sure your diet is full of vibrant colors. Natural colors though, bro.

Make sure your diet is full of vibrant colors. Natural colors though, bro.

I have been interested in healthy eating since I was about 12 – shortly after I became a vegetarian I realized that that didn’t mean I could survive on cheese pizza, mac and cheese, popcorn, and potato chips… It was a sad realization but thankfully it came then rather than later.

Silly food pyramid.

Now, I have not always stuck to my guns – I fall of the wagon often. I’ll move to a new city and try all of the restaurants and eat and drink anything and everything I want. I’ll go out of town and live by the mantra: “Eh, I’m on vacation!” And come back with crap skin, bloat, and a full body rash. Ha, but it was fun while I did it, right? Wow…that last vacation part could be taken out of context…I’m talking about overconsumption of food and alcohol and sloth here people! Minds out of the gutter 😉

But I do know what I SHOULD be eating. 

I’m not someone who thinks whole food, plant based eating is the best for everyone, but it is the best for ME. And it’s pretty damn good on ol’Mother Earth too so I do push the lifestyle. Don’t get me started on factory farming, but if you want to buy and eat locally raised meats go for it! Those animals, on actual farms, had good lives and supposedly they’re tasty so consume away. I feel the same way about hunting – if you’re going to shoot the deer and eat it and use as much of it as possible then that’s AOK with me. We all have to die, man. I’m still going to pass because it makes my stomach all squiggly just thinking about eating meat – but you have to listen to YOUR body.

How did I get started on this….oh right INSTAGRAM. 

My brain on Life

I’ve been posting my tasty treats and their benefits and I feel like @fitmooney has much more substance. Instead of posting a picture of my salad and saying: “I had a salad for the 80th day in a row” I’m focusing on an ingredient featured in the salad and it’s impact on my body’s health. For example, last night I had the Mediterranean Salad from Real Food Daily and I mentioned that the chickpeas in hummus are proven to lower cholesterol. 

Where am I getting these facts? Wikipedia. So make something up about mandarin oranges and it’ll be posted today. 

Kidding! From reputable websites like the Mayo Clinic and the World’s Healthiest Foods

Anyway, if you’re interested in veganism or just WHY you feel so fucking good after eating a peach in the summer and the anti-aging benefits of white wine then check me out!

"Did you just say white wine has anti-aging properties?"

“Did you just say white wine has anti-aging properties?”




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Enjoying the pursuit of health and happiness. Trying to feed my wanderlust while maintaining a job ;)

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