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I have been bit by the spin class bug. I have been going pretty consistently the last few months – started out with a Groupon – 5 classes for $25, right in my neighborhood. I used to spin at 24 hour fitness and Bally’s and it was always a great workout but this place I’ve been going….they’ve HOOKED me.

Drinking that Kool-Aid. That tasty, tasty Kool-Aid.

Drinking that Kool-Aid. That tasty, tasty Kool-Aid.

Let me count the ways I love Kinetic Cycling:

1) Fun music – lots of current EDM stuff I’m not familiar with, peppered with some new remixes of old songs. Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car?? Brings me back to summer road trips with my sister in Iowa and North Carolina…so good. I just zone out and PUSH when it comes on.

2) High calorie-burning workouts — after last night’s 45 minute class and a short walk with my dog I had burned 1000 calories. Just what I was looking for! (Ok, ok, there were some squats and pushups thrown in there too but still!) I had hit a sort of plateau before I started going to Kinetic 2-3 times a week. I was running, hiking, doing the stairs, and P90X3 – my muscles were getting bigger and stronger but I wasn’t leaning out. I can confidently say it’s starting to happen – friends have commented on it and I have even noticed. I suffer from a bit of body dysmorphia so for ME to notice leaner, more toned legs is a big deal. PLUS my resting heart rate has dropped to 59. BOOM!

3) The instructors!!!! I can’t gush enough about them. I have gone to 6 different instructors classes and they ALL ROCK! I have two favorites but it’s just because their energy pushes me the most – Melina and Frankie. I go to one or two of Melina’s 6am classes through the week and honestly, if it wasn’t her sunny self up there at that hour I wouldn’t go. I KNOW I’m going to be out of my sleepy brain fog by the time the warm-up’s done. And ready to kick the day’s ass by the time I walk out of there!

And Frankie’s 7:30pm class on Tuesdays and Thursdays is a crazy mix of hard work / internal focus / dance party. It can’t be explained, it must be experienced. Plus if you friend him on Facebook he’ll send you your favorite song for free. (oh, did I mention that Fast Car remix???)

Ok, well that’s all I had to share today. Hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday and you do something adventurous this weekend!

Mentally checking out…now.

Mentally checking out…now.




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