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The Magical Lands of Iowa

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Heading out of town tonight – from Los Angeles to Bettendorf, Iowa. If I’m honest, I’m a little nervous.

No, not about going back to Iowa – I grew up there, I know how to be invisible if I want to be. (read: stay at my parent’s house the whole weekend)

But this is the first time since we got Batman and brought back Rocky that my roommate and I are both out of town…And there’s a heat wave. So my stressed out by the heat pets are going to be doubly stressed because their people are gone! My lovely friend Natalie will be taking care of them at our place, and she has a bunny and a dog (and a cat!) as well so it’s not HER that’s giving me anxiety – I just feel like a parent leaving their kids alone for the first time. Maybe? I don’t know, I’m not a parent…

But what if you have a dog AND a bunny?

I’m sure I’ll get over it as soon as I land back in Hawkeye Country. My sis is in town too and tomorrow is my dad’s birthday so we’re going to have lots of family fun. Followed by running in the insane-to-me heat and humidity fun!

The Bix is a 7 mile race through Davenport’s downtown and McClellan Heights. We start just before Brady Street’s massive hill which is a 7-9% incline. So more than 15,000 people are all lined up to go and then we inch up this hill, bobbing and weaving to try to start off with a some-what decent pace. Oh yeah and it’s 88 degrees with 75% humidity.



Good luck getting through this!

Good luck getting through this!


It’s a great course honestly though – the McClellan Heights offer some scenic old mansions and so many people are lined up, cheering you on – spraying you with a sprinkler or playing music to keep you distracted from the steep hills.

This is my 3rd time running it – I remember watching the race as a little kid, my parent’s had friends who lived on the course and we would cook out and play around and just have a fantastic time, soaking up all the energy from the runners and spectators alike. It’s really cool to be on the other side of that.

Plus afterward there’s the Bix Fest in celebration of Bix Biederbecke, a renowned Jazz musician from the 20’s. That’s always entertaining – festival food, beer, people watching, jazz, running into old friends, avoiding old non-friends, haha.

Should be a lovely long weekend. We’ll see how well I stick to my whole foods, plant based guns…

(other than beer, there will be beer…)

(other than beer, there will be beer…)


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