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Halloween Prep and Why Does Time Fly By So Quickly?

Have you done all of your Halloween partying already? My sis and some friends had a big party on the East Coast last weekend and Megan’s Female Bane was amazing. Also my gorgeous friend Rachel’s Hulk Hogan was hilarious…I’ll ask if they mind if I share a picture haha.

I’m heading to a couple of parties in Santa Monica on Friday – one is called “The Beautiful and The Damned” …..which honestly sounds a little terrible to me. But I am going as Jessica Fletcher of ol’Murder, She Wrote fame so I guess I will qualify as one of “The Beautiful.”


Hehe…. My tweed skirt and blazer are excited to make it out of my closet.

So also…it’s November on Saturday. And I’m chopping 10 inches off my hair then heading to a Day of The Dead party thrown by the super talented Lissie. Have you ever listened to her stuff? It’s fantastic — I used to sing with her as a kid and I’m happy she’s doing so well, she should be a household name though! Check out one of her originals here: Everywhere I Go

And then her cover of Pursuit of Happiness is killer. So excited to see her perform live again at The Paramount.


As far as the Healthy, Fit part of life, I’ve bought the Month of Unlimited Rides package from Kinetic Cycling 🙂 Started it on October 21st and I’ve gone 6 times so far. I’m trying to make 5 classes a week, riding a minimum of 21 miles each class. On top of that I’m adding one 5 mile run, and either The Stairs or a hike each week.

So, what are you doing for Halloween? Do you get any trick-or-treaters?

Random MSW fact:  In 1996, CBS began phasing out Murder, She Wrote. Lansbury knew that the show was ending, so she felt free to experiment. The episode “Murder among Friends” was a parody of the popular sitcom Friends. In this episode, Jessica Fletcher solved a murder on the set of a fictitious sitcom called Buds.