The title says it all


Thanks for checking out MyHappyHealthyFitLife 🙂 This blog is a fun way to share my experiences (hey Mom!) and try to pass on the little knowledge I have about getting and staying fit & healthy!

Everyone’s different – what makes my body happy might not work for you, so while I may be a vegetarian who abstains from processed foods and most dairy (oh and usually eggs, we have an on and off again relationship) and you may be a meat loving person – that’s cool, stick around! I won’t have any recipes for you on that front but maybe you’ll find a good side dish 🙂 And fitness doesn’t care if you are a fruititarian or carnivore who avoids all green things.

So a brief bit about me: My name’s Melissa and I live in Los Angeles. I grew up in Iowa, went to college in Indiana (Go Hoosiers!), and then bounced around – California, Illinois, Iowa, North Carolina, and back to CA at the end of 2011. I have a background in music but followed my heart to the Institute for the Psychology of Eating in Boulder, CO and have spent the last few years counseling others individually and in a corporate setting.

Locally, in Los Angeles, I offer one-on-one Holistic Lifestyle Coaching involving eating psychology and embodiment counseling, buddy workouts, and accountability support. I also work with clients countrywide, counseled through email and Facebook.

Hope you find something helpful on here, for more information please leave me a message or check out my fb coach page:

And follow me on instagram @fitmooney 🙂


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