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Thankful Friday!

Ok, so instead of a TGIF post I’m going to post something I’m Thankful for – Or somethingS, I never know how my mind may wander.

Today I’d like to thank Groupon for introducing me to new workouts/gyms/etc! I’ve been going to Kinetic Cycling for about 2 months and was first introduced to the place byΒ a “5 classes for $25” deal back in March.



I love getting up early (I usually hit the 6:00am class) and spinning my ass off and then feeling energized the rest of the day. The instructors at Kinetic are so good at keeping us motivated and distracted from their vigorous workout by engaging with us and playing dance-party music. Ha, I nearly feel like I kick off my day with a rave three times a week.


I’ve gotten so into it that I completely forgot that I ALSO have Groupons for 5 Pop Physique and 10 Cardio Barre classes! But I am definitely someone who gets bored by the same old workout so I know I’ll be trying those out before they expire at the end of July and August πŸ™‚

Have you checked out Groupon to see if there’s anything by you?