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I Love Cheap Thrills

So I don’t know about you, but I am broke as a joke after a ton of summer adventures (I mean, I was broke as a joke before too – but this time it’s a less funny joke…more like a joke delivered by a sad clown, if you will.) Due to my low bank account balance but high desire to stay/get more fit – I started researching how to eat/make Healthy Food on a budget and thought you might be interested as well:

TLDR: Buy Eggs, Chicken Breast, Canned Salmon/Tuna, Almonds, Low-Fat Cottage Cheese, Protein Powder, Avocado, Oats, Black Beans, Brown Rice, Quinoa, Fruit, Sweet Potato

Now sure, I don’t eat all that stuff – but maybe YOU do, and who am I to judge? Nobody.. I’m just providing us with information.


I do like to make fast, cheap, easy food – but I promise to stay away from fake shit 🙂

I was at Sweat yesterday and our yogi leader, Brittny, shared an interesting memory/lesson learned from one of her favorite teachers in India. I can’t remember his name, and it doesn’t matter to the story so I’m not even going to make one up, like Bob or Jim (I’m super creative). The story per my recollection: Brittny was having a full on tantrum, hysterical sobbing and self-righteousness, and Teacher said to her, “You have every right to feel like this. You can self-indulge as long as you like, it is everyone’s right. But you also have the right to stop and feel grateful for what you have, who you are as a human being.”

I shall try to remember Teacher’s words the next time I am sucked down the self-pity rabbit hole.

Lastly, for this Random Thoughts Wednesday – I am heading to a wedding in a couple of weeks and thought: Can I really tone up a bit in just two weeks? TO THE INTERWEBS!


Now, the writer has a crazy awesome trainer and I do not, BUT I think I can apply some of her situation to my own – no alcohol, up my protein and lower my refined carb intake, drink tons of water, and push myself to the edge in my workouts.

We’ll see, I’ll try to remember to let you know 😉

And let’s end this with a random fact: According to the American Frozen Food Institute, the average American eats 72 frozen meals a year, making frozen foods a $22 billion industry






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A Not-So-Beautiful Mind.

Thoughts during my Planned-To-Be-Six-But-Turned-Into-Eight mile run on Saturday morning:

Pre Run: Shit. Why did I have that second Hendricks martini last night? Not to mention the Amstel Light?! And why didn’t I do laundry yesterday, the only socks I have are old, worn out Gap ones! Eck, let’s sweat this funk attitude and gin out…

I kid. Well…Only on Saturdays.

I kid. Well…maybe on Saturdays.

Mile 0-1: Ok this isn’t horrible, and I’m so happy Frankie from Kinetic really sent me that Fast Car remix, it’s a fantastic addition to my “Ultimate Workout” playlist! (note: I am really original with my playlist names. I have one that I listen to exclusively while I do yoga. It’s called “Yoga”) 

Mile 1-2: What a lovely-lovely day (in my inner monologue’s Bane voice) – this 6 miler is going to fly by. And I have a water fountain coming up, woohoo – thank you Santa Monica, it’s as if you planned for me needing extra hydration!

Bane Cat is often on my mind.

Bane Cat is often on my mind.

Mile 2-3: OOO if I shoot for 8 miles I can stop and stare at the ocean halfway through! Let’s do that! I feel awesome! 


Mile 3-3.5: I get it Pharrell. You’re Happy – I’m Happy, we’re all HAPPY …I really need to remove this from my playlist for awhile.   ..It is pretty catchy though. Man, I remember when running 3 miles KILLED me. I have come a long way. Mental pat-on-the-back for you, Melissa! Can’t nothing bring me down, my level’s too high! 

Mile 4: YEAH!!! Hello Pacific, you beautiful beast! I should probably stop and take a few pictures of you. Maybe a few selfies of me in my TMNT shirt with you in the background! ..Wow. Note to self: Cut back on alcohol, your face is so swollen and your eyes are small enough to begin with. …Delete evidence and get back to your run!

Mile 4-5: Hmm. My toe hurts…oh right, I forgot I had those blisters from those stupid old flats I wore to work on Thursday. I’ll take advantage of the upcoming intersection and check out the damage.

Mile 5: Shit….my blister has two blisters. That’s going to be fun the next three miles. 

Mile 5-6: Where’s that freaking water fountain? I’ll stop and rub my feet. Man, I should have just worn some dirty socks instead of chancing it with these stretched out, thin old ones.

Mile 6-7: And now the toe on my right foot hurts too…Why did I extend this run? Grr, I’d already be finished. I’d already by airing out my poor tootsies. Ha, this is in no way a pretty run. But whatever, toe skin grows back.

This will be me next week during The Bix.

This will be me next week during The Bix.

Mile 7-8: Woot woot, LAST MILE! Yayyyy, I am kicking today’s ASS! Some people aren’t even up yet and I’m just about to finish 8 miles! I’m gonna KILL IT next week at The Bix! …As long as it’s not too hot or humid. Shhh, don’t think about Iowa summers right now – just bask in your current achievement. 

Finish: Ok, take a selfie of you and the Turtle’s waving and send it to your lazy friends hehe. 

Nerd Alert!

Hungover Nerd Alert!





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June Gloom


Happy June 2nd – it’s actually not overcast here in SoCal at the moment so that’s lovely. The only gloomy thing is my bank account. A few weeks ago I was joking with my chiropractor that I needed to have surgery so I could hit my deductible and get 55% of my costs covered and we laughed! I’m not saying we manifested that but…now I’m having surgery. And my car broke down last night. Remember when I said my mechanic didn’t hear the rattling noise it was occasionally making? Well, the battery and engine lights don’t need to be heard. Nor does the lack of power steering or acceleration…

I feel like the beginning of a country song.

I’ll be ok, that’s why I have a savings account.

Anyway: It’s a new month and that means I have new goals! My May goals were very nearly met so I need to keep pushing myself 🙂

I started this 30 day squat challenge again today


and I’m doing a 30 for 30 sit-up challenge. 30 sit-ups every day for 30 days. Easy peasy!

That’s in addition to my continuing half (to full!) marathon training 🙂 I’d also like to read a book a week and start playing my uke again. It’s just sitting in the corner, gathering dust and glaring at me.

I hope you’re having an excellent Monday.



What are your goals for June? Are they work, fitness, leisure, love related?


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Getting Fit With The Fam

I’m so excited — I enlisted my sis and mom for a little private coaching group starting Monday! We’ll all see each other in May and then hopefully again at the end of July (my mom lives in Iowa, my sis is in Florida, and I’m in CA) – so we want to be close to our goals for our first meet up and then have met them by July!

To start out, my mom’s doing 21 Day Fix, my sis T25, and I’m still on P90X3! We’re all drinking Shakeology and eating mean and clean. This is gonna be fun 🙂


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We’ll see how long this kind of thing lasts


I admit it, I’ve been horrible about posting…So to change that I’ve come up with a few ideas to get me on here more. (“come up with” should read: stolen from other bloggers) Not that my 7 followers care terribly BUT it holds me more accountable so I CARE 🙂

Anyway, so welcome to the first What I Ate Wednesday. I don’t know how long I’ll keep this up because it seems like only a post my mom would care about, but it will at least last through next week 😉 Mostly because I just decided to do this right now so I’m posting what I ate yesterday with photos snagged from the google images and my Instagram account @fitmooney. Next week will be shiny, iPhone 5s quality photos. (so…not as great as some of these!)

Let’s start with breakfast shall we? Because I did! I got up, did my 2 mile warm up run followed by Eccentric Upper – yes, I’m a day behind on my P90X3 schedule, posted on my FB Coach page and current Challenge Group, then got ready for work and, like so many mornings lately, I was running behind so I grabbed my Shakeology shaker cup, threw together a delicious little mix and ran out the door.


(Don’t worry, this selfie was taken when I parked at the bank – also it was from three weeks ago…so picture me yesterday with different glasses AND 4 lbs lighter)

Yesterday morning’s Shakeology treat included Vegan Chocolate, PB2 powder, 3 ice cubes, 4 ounces of unsweetened Almond milk and 8 ounces of water. It was delicious and just the boost I needed to be ready for my long day! The coffee I had once I got into the office helped as well I’m sure…

Lunch was from Real Food Daily, a vegan restaurant nearby and I got my current favorite: The Spicy BLT.


This sandwich is soooo delicious: Tempeh bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato and spicy vegan aioli on sprouted whole grain bread. Except I tweak it a little, have it made on their gluten free bread and add live sauerkraut. Yum, yum, yum, yummmmmmm. It comes with a side house salad that has cucumber, carrot, beets and a tasty tahini dressing.

I snacked on a Valencia orange at 4pm, I’ll let you use your imagination as to what that looked like, and then headed home to hop on a conference call with my fellow Rockout Knockouts. What’s a Rockout Knockout? It’s a member of my Cup Challenge team for Beachbody. And what’s a Cup Challenge? Five Independent Beachbody coaches get together as a team to earn points from sales and coaching development. As you hit certain levels of points you win fun prizes like beach chairs, blankets, coolers, Nike kicks, trips, etc!! It’s a good little competition, helps you push yourself and get to know some colleagues 🙂

By 7:30 I was off the call, so I finished up my goal list for this week decided to be incredibly lazy about ‘dinner.’ I usually put a little effort in but nope, not last night.


I steamed some brussel sprouts and pan roasted pumpkin seeds… Seasoned it all with salt and pepper and added a little Earth Balance… Boring huh?

Finished up the evening with ANOTHER orange while I watched Veronica Mars because, well I like them! They’re so tasty and my roommate and I bought a 10lb bag so it’s all oranges all the time at Casa de Joyous Moon.

Ok so, again, I’d be shocked if anyone other than my mom (Hi Mom!) enjoys this post. I think in the future I’ll try to do a restaurant review or SOMETHING to add some value 🙂

Random final thought: I’m really tired today and after client drinks this evening I still have to pack for my mini trip to Florida. Urgh, wish I could skip drinks. Shhhh, don’t tell my Day Job clients 😉


Isometrix and February’s Goals/Resolutions

I had gotten so used to my schedule that I didn’t check yesterday and just did Dynamix plus Total Synergy in the morning. Then this morning I glance and notice the schedule says “Transition Week”…oops. I missed Isometrix! 

Don’t worry, I did it this morning. Wooie, my balance is awful (I think I’ve mentioned this before) and I have a lot of work to do on core strength. This routine is all about balance and isometric discipline. Planks holding up one arm and leg for a minute. Downward dog while grabbing your outside leg with the opposite hand and then extend your other leg for 45 seconds…And then there’s the “inner balance” move that should be easy – you just have to stand on one foot and lift the other for 45 seconds (Or a minute?). Easy peasy, right? Oh, forgot the important part – close your eyes. Try it…



I’m going to feel that tomorrow.

Onto next month’s resolutions…

1.) Adding 12 miles of running a week. Monday-Saturday I’ll add a 2 mile run before my P90X3 workout as a warm up.  

2.) No more than 2 alcoholic drinks when I go out. I’m going to try to limit this to twice a week as well…we’ll see on that one, I’ve given out a bunch of rain checks during Dry January.

3.) Continuing with vegan and gluten free eating at home. I’m going to be a little more flexible when I go out to restaurants, but I haven’t had any rashes or reactions to food this month and that’s been a relief!

Ok well I’m heading to bed – here’s a random glimpse into my life outside of the pursuit of healthy habits: I’m binge watching Veronica Mars with my roommate because she had never seen it and was mildly interested after I was geeking out about the upcoming movie. She’s completely addicted now. Thank you Amazon Prime.