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June Gloom


Happy June 2nd – it’s actually not overcast here in SoCal at the moment so that’s lovely. The only gloomy thing is my bank account. A few weeks ago I was joking with my chiropractor that I needed to have surgery so I could hit my deductible and get 55% of my costs covered and we laughed! I’m not saying we manifested that but…now I’m having surgery. And my car broke down last night. Remember when I said my mechanic didn’t hear the rattling noise it was occasionally making? Well, the battery and engine lights don’t need to be heard. Nor does the lack of power steering or acceleration…

I feel like the beginning of a country song.

I’ll be ok, that’s why I have a savings account.

Anyway: It’s a new month and that means I have new goals! My May goals were very nearly met so I need to keep pushing myself 🙂

I started this 30 day squat challenge again today


and I’m doing a 30 for 30 sit-up challenge. 30 sit-ups every day for 30 days. Easy peasy!

That’s in addition to my continuing half (to full!) marathon training 🙂 I’d also like to read a book a week and start playing my uke again. It’s just sitting in the corner, gathering dust and glaring at me.

I hope you’re having an excellent Monday.



What are your goals for June? Are they work, fitness, leisure, love related?