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Hey there Fall!

Ah, my favorite season is here! Pumpkins, cool nights, gold/brick/and orange leaves, the best apples, chai tea, and hearty soups. Mmm, yum there’s so much fantastic produce in season during the Autumn months: Squash, Pears, Cherries, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, Persimmons, Pomegranate, Turnips, on and on and on mmmm. I can’t wait to start cooking it all 🙂

Not that it really looks like that much in LA..

Not that it really looks like that much in LA..

This time of year is good for my fitness because I can run at any time of day and not be overheated, plus it’s not too cold in the morning – sometimes when it’s too chilly I’ll just reset my alarm and curl up under the covers a little longer. Wow, I’ve really acclimated to Southern California, huh? “Too Chilly” is like 40 degrees and I used to run unless there was ice on the ground…Confession: I was wearing a sweater last night and it was 70 degrees..ha.

Do you follow the Tone It Up girls at all? They’re just kicking off Week 3 of their Frisky Fall challenge – 6 weeks left, you can still join up! They give away weekly prizes for hash tagging instagram posts – and it’s always fun to feel like you’re being supported and encouraged. Though that happens more with their community. And everything’s freeeee – the best part 🙂 You CAN buy their dvds or nutrition plans but it’s not required.


Did you have an epic weekend? Mine was pretty lovely – ate at some restaurants I hadn’t been to before, returned to a couple I enjoy.

Friday night was dinner at South End, a little wine and pizza bar in Venice – I was pretty excited about their Sangiovese – very flavorful, the 2012 Grillesino offered notes of red cherry, grilled plum, sage, licorice, boysenberry, vanilla, coconut and cedar.

Saturday I treated my roommate to lunch at our favorite Ramen place in West LA – Chabuya Tokyo Noodle Bar. It’s inexpensive and has a super tasty Veggie Miso Ramen. Super tasty and MASSIVE!

And Saturday night I headed back to Venice with my best friend for dinner at Scopa. Well, it ended up being more wine than dinner – but that’s what Saturday nights are for, right? The best Saturday late nights were started with a liquid dinner…the Sunday mornings though…eh.

I decided to kick my ass anyway and headed to Kinetic Cycling on Sunday morning for Spase’s 10am class. Kinetic is offering a September special – if you’re a current client and head to a new-to-you instructor’s class it’s just $10. Pretty good considering even with their largest bulk package, classes run $15. Ha, Spase’s class is a tour de force – lots of group dancing and him singing along to the pumping remixes. He’s fantastic with encouraging everyone in his full classes and following up with new attendees. I got a FB message this morning with the mix he played yesterday! Love that – always looking for new music to workout to.

Well have a fantastic week – did you hit any fun restaurants this weekend?

What’s your favorite group workout?

How do you feel about Wine for dinner on Saturdays???

Combing two things that make my body feel good ;)

Combing two things that make my body feel good 😉