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I was reading The Blonde Vegan the other day and thought I’d do her survey to share a little more about myself.

My Favorite…

Person: Hmm, that’s tough but I am going to pick two because I can’t decide between them – my parents 🙂 They are so supportive and great examples of how to enjoy life. They work hard, play hard, and are always open to new adventures!



Color: Yellow – I love the sunny, vibrant color 🙂 Although orange is a close second

Food: Avocado! Yum, this is such a great addition to any and every meal I can think of 🙂 Did you know Brazilians add avocado to their ice cream? Mmmmm, so creamy.

Day Of The Week: Sunday. I’m a huge advocate of Sunday Funday – which is just doing fun things all day 😉 I usually start by hitting my neighborhood farmers’ market and then, when it’s hot, hang at the pool or beach and spend time with friends. There is definitely Sauvignon Blanc involved – I’m more of a red wine drinker but there’s just something perfect about a glass of Sauv Blanc on a warm afternoon! And usually I’ll watch a TV show to end the night – I don’t have cable so it’s just me watching something on Netflix or Hulu Plus – or, like recently, going over to a friend’s for Game of Thrones. I also try to plan my week out in the evening and just relax. –Sunday is my “rest/recover” day.

Thing To Do When Bored: Most recently it’s play with my bunny or take my dog on a walk. Yep, my roommate, Joy, and I nearly have a petting zoo in our apartment now, ha. We adopted Rocky the Mutt when we lived in North Carolina, back at the beginning of 2009, and Batman the Bunny just moved in in March!


I love this picture of a pooped Rocky:


Celebrity: Hmm…I would have to say right now it’s Anna Kendrick. I’m a musical theater nerd and love that she sings, acts, I don’t know about dancing, but is also hilarious. Follow her on instagram if you aren’t already, she’s pretty funny!

Drink: Non-alcoholic is Coconut Water. Low in calories, naturally fat- and cholesterol free, more potassium than four bananas, and super hydrating – wahoo! I use it in my smoothies or between my cardio and strength training. Favorite Alcoholic beverage is either red wine (DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE A GRAPE VARIETY) or rye whiskey – Templeton Rye specifically, have to represent Iowa 🙂


TV Show: Of things that are on right now – Game of Thrones. But all-time is probably Arrested Development. I’m also a huge fan of Breaking Bad and Justified. My guilty pleasure show is Revenge – my roommate and I love to watch that on nights we’re both home. (Thanks again Netflix and Hulu Plus!)

Fruit: Avocado again! Ha, well I guess since I already used that one I’ll pick dates. Oh my goodness how I love medjools. I buy a half pound at the farmers’ market each week, they woman who works the stand just knows to start packing a bag when she sees me.

Vegetable: Brussel Sprouts or Cauliflower. And roasting is my favorite cooking method for both.

Store/Shop: There is a little boutique on Main Street in Santa Monica called Kyss that I just love. They always have great sales, cute clothes, and friendly employees.

Workout: Honestly, I like to mix it up – I love to run, right now I’m on a spinning kick, and when the weather’s not ideal (because I’m a baby about running when it’s too hot or cold – thankfully I live where I do) I love P90X3 or T25. I’ve just recently been getting into yoga as well. And as far as free plans my favorites are for running or ToneItUp for toning.

Quote: Well, since this is my blog about being healthy, happy,  and fit I’ll use one that works for the theme 🙂


Boy’s name: Frank – my maternal grandfather’s name 🙂

Girl’s name: Anna Katherine – my maternal grandmother’s name 🙂 Though she goes by Nan.

Potato Chip Flavor: Hmm, I try to stay away because I can just munch and munch. But my favorite is boring: Ruffles. No added flavor!

Meal of the Day: Lunch — ha, my work buys lunch everyday so that’s why it’s my favorite! I get to have a healthy, hearty, sometimes adventurous meal on their dime, what’s not to love about that!? Today was not adventurous but it was damn tasty – The Basic 4 from Real Food Daily. I always order this from there (well, since they got rid of their ProKale Salad) – daily greens, beans, veggies, and grain. Although, I was a little disappointed that their daily grain today was brown rice. Boring 😉


Season: Fall – I love the colors, weather, clothes!

Dessert: My favorite “healthy” dessert is dates with pecans and dried coconut shavings. Or berries with local honey, almond slivers, and cinnamon.

Lifehack: I wasn’t sure about this one so I went to and here are a couple I appreciate:




We should all try those!




Author: fitmooney

Enjoying the pursuit of health and happiness. Trying to feed my wanderlust while maintaining a job ;)

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