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(Belated) Day 4: The Challenge

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After work yesterday I headed over to my aunt and uncle’s house in Westchester and was treated to a delicious raw vegan dinner. I provided the salad and Kellie made us this tasty asian slaw and rich, creamy butternut squash soup (warm but not cooked).

But before work, in the dim light of sunrise, (well…at 7am) I did The Challenge. I was nervous, not knowing what to expect. Yes, I read the booklet going over each of the workouts, but that was like a week and a half ago! How can I been expected to remember things glanced over so long ago!?  Turns out, I was worried for all the wrong reasons, ha. My legs are so tight and was envisioning squats and lunges and jumps and legs Legs LEGS! Oh but it was all arms Arms ARMS 😉


It begins with Tony asking us to pick 2 numbers: This is the amount of pull ups and push ups you will do per set, respectively. Pull ups, push ups/Pull ups, push ups/1 min rest and repeat for 30 minutes. He changes the form up: wide pull ups, chin ups, wide set push ups, military push ups, etc. I still haven’t received my pull up bar so I did modifications (but avoided smacking myself in the face with the resistance band woohoo! Small victories…), this is going to be much tougher when I can do the real routine…But I still got a good workout and a welcome break for my hamstrings.

For the time minded: Once again this has the 2+ minute cool down after the 30 minutes is over.

I’ll post up this morning’s P90X3 CVX entry later this evening.

Random Final Thought: Oh my goodness I forgot I’m hiking Runyon Canyon after The Warrior workout tomorrow. Who do I think I am, Tony Horton? (Shhhh, yes I know he’d add another hour workout in there too)



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